Fuel guide - Trail 70km (50miles)

Holyfat has put together a sample training plan to help you reach your performance goals for a 70km trail race! The plan is broken down into x sessions per week and 3 different intensities of effort to help you make constant progress!

Two examples of nutritional plans are provided to help you optimise your nutrition and hydration during training and on the day of your trail run.
Packs of 20 or 40 hours of training and a pack for the day of your 70km are designed for you.

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Sample training plan

Example of a training plan: 7/8h per week

- 1 endurance session: 3h or more
- 3 medium-intensity sessions: 1h/1h30
- 1 high-intensity session: 1 hour

Nutritional plan TRAINING

Trail 70 nutrition plan RACE DAY: 70km (50miles) 9/10h

Designed to provide lasting energy, our oilseed bars and purees will help you avoid variations in blood sugar levels, ensuring consistent performance throughout your effort. Rich in sodium, magnesium and potassium, our drink is ideal for staying hydrated throughout your competition!

With Holyfat, energy and stability are the keys to sporting success. Live your passion to the full, without compromising on nutrition!