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  • Improves recovery
  • 100% natural ingredients
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ALKA12™ is an innovative and unique mineral formula.
Its action at cellular level allows for an efficient replenishment of magnesium in your body, providing your muscles with the energy and oxygen they need. This exceptional formula helps to improve your performance while speeding up your recovery.
Indispensable for all those who aspire to top-level performance and unshakeable resistance during competitions.

As a forerunner, ALKA12™ has developed an all-natural, exceptionally pure and highly concentrated marine magnesium lotion. This lotion is applied directly to the skin, allowing intelligent, rapid and effective cellular absorption.

The benefits of ALKA12™: Optimal muscle contraction, energy production, oxygen uptake, muscle hydration, electrolyte balance, flexibility, skeletal strength, and well-being...
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Recover in record time!

ALKA12™ acts as a natural energy and strength booster, promoting faster muscle recovery. This translates into less aches, pains and stiffness. Thanks to these beneficial effects, you can train more intensely and more frequently, while reducing the risk of injury. Set your goals, optimise your training, push your limits, recover, repeat and win your competitions.

This formula is ideal before and after training, as well as at any time when you need a boost of energy or to focus on recovery.

Customer Reviews

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SÉBASTIEN B. (Mignaloux-Beauvoir, France)
Bon produit.

Produit facile à utiliser, très bon pour la récupération.

philippe c.


alexis f. (Mery, France)
Bon produit

Bon produit facile a utiliser, je préfère le rincer après utilisation.
Trop tot encore pour donner un avis sur la performance

All about ALKA12™

Why use ALKA12™?

Injuries are an integral part of an athlete's life, whether it's an acute ligament tear or simple post-exercise muscle soreness. However, most sport-related injuries can be prevented or mitigated. ALKA12™ formulas, backed by scientific research and approved for medical use, are distinguished by their exceptional purity and high magnesium concentration. Many athletes have been able to benefit from these formulas to avoid serious sports injuries and speed up their recovery impressively. ALKA12™ works closely with specialist sports clinics, and further revolutionary advances in the field of sports medicine are to be expected thanks to the additional information on ALKA12™.

Where are ALKA12™ products made?

Each ALKA12™ product has been dermatologically tested and is not tested on animals. They are manufactured in France to strict ethical standards, in accordance with the French Organic system. The laboratory is referenced by the ANSM (Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des produits de santé), guaranteeing the quality of their work. In the interests of sustainability, the bottles, packaging and boxes are made from lightweight recycled materials, reducing the carbon footprint during shipping.

How do I use ALKA12™?

Apply directly to the skin, like a lotion, so that it is absorbed. Apply to the whole body, to a targeted painful area or to a wound. Leave on for 20 minutes, which is necessary for optimum absorption of the magnesium ions into the skin tissue and effective oxygenation of the muscles. Leave to air dry for best results. Rinse if necessary to remove any salt residue left on your body.

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