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BRUTAL SALTY WATER - In order to bring you optimal hydration, discover our range of electrolyte-rich drinks. Each sachet is composed of :

  • 1000 mg of sodium
  • 150 mg of magnesium
  • 750 mg of potassium
  • 16 g dextrose

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Electrolytes for effort and recovery.

Electrolytes are essential minerals for the proper functioning of the body. They are involved in maintaining the acid-base and water balance. Without them, our cells and our bodies could not survive. This is why our drink is ideal to stay hydrated in all circumstances.

Electrolyte drink: the main thing to know

Composition of our electrolyte-rich drinks

Our electrolyte sachets contain sodium, potassium, magnesium and dextrose. A natural flavouring completes our sachets to make the taste pleasant in the mouth. We have added this natural flavour to make the drink more pleasant and tasty.

An ideal electrolyte drink for effort

During physical activity, eating is not enough, get into the habit of drinking water regularly with a packet of electrolyte-rich drink to compensate for your water and mineral losses (loss of sodium, magnesium and potassium in particular).

After prolonged physical activity or in hot weather, the body sweats and releases mineral salts through sweat. Without an ideal supply of electrolytes, the body can become weak and cramps can occur. Anxiety and lack of sleep can be one of the effects of a mineral deficiency. Electrolytes play an important role in the human body. They are used to maintain a good level of hydration and are also involved in the process of muscle contraction. Unfortunately, electrolytes cannot be manufactured by the human body, so they must be supplied by the daily diet.

The effects of a lack of electrolytes during effort

⦿ One of the effects mainly encountered is Sodium deficiency (or hyponatremia), this is an imbalance in plasma dilution due to lack of sodium (too much water absorption). Drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated without adding electrolytes is potentially putting yourself at risk. ⦿ Magnesium deficiency regularly causes cramps and fatigue. Magnesium also allows the assimilation of calcium, without a sufficient intake, the body could not absorb calcium. Calcium is an important mineral for athletes and people who are regularly active. Calcium plays a role in muscle contraction, in muscle recovery and finally in water balance. Indeed, calcium is involved in the regulation of water balance in the body in combination with other electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. ⦿ Just like magnesium deficiency, potassium deficiency can cause muscle cramps, signs of fatigue, bloating, intestinal sluggishness and even constipation.

What is the use of electrolytes?

Because the body cannot synthesise the minerals it needs. Electrolytes must be supplied daily through nutrition and hydration. Certain foods such as potatoes, beans, bananas, spinach and milk can help to replenish stocks, but their consumption does not cover the recommended daily intake.Consumption of electrolyte drinks can compensate for electrolyte losses and thus combat fatigue, avoid cramps and improve hydration.During exercise, electrolytes in the blood will be rapidly eliminated through urine and sweat. In fact, the saltier your sweat, the more electrolytes it contains. Contrary to what you might think, you need to take in more electrolytes to compensate for these losses. Electrolytes allow athletes to:

  • Delay the effects of fatigue by providing magnesium.
  • Obtain optimal hydration through sodium, which regulates fluids through osmosis.
  • Compensate for water losses through potassium, which acts as a complement to sodium. An imbalance in the sodium/potassium balance can lead to dehydration or arterial hypertension.
  • To improve muscular resistance through calcium but also to facilitate cellular exchanges.

What form of minerals do you use and why dextrose?

With a minimum of sugar (dextrose, one of the sugars derived from corn in particular), the electrolyte-rich drink offers a low carbohydrate intake that is interesting during exercise. dextrose is easily assimilated by the human body and accelerates the assimilation of the various minerals.

Like all our products, our ingredients are natural: we have selected the minerals that are best assimilated by the body (trisodium citrate, potassium chloride, fine salt, tri-magnesium citrate), our flavours are natural and our drinks are additive-free!

When and how to take an electrolyte bag?

Our electrolyte drink comes in the form of a powder sachet (20g) to be diluted with 1L of fresh water. You can consume the drink before, during and after an effort to maintain optimal hydration and accelerate recovery. Beforehand, it prevents losses linked to the effort.

During the effort, these drinks allow to optimise performance, to maintain optimal energy throughout the race and to fight against dehydration. The recommended amount will vary according to your gender, weight, type of effort and also your tendency to sweat more or less.

If you tend to drink a lot, you can simply take one bottle containing Holyfat electrolyte drink and another containing only water. In addition, for an effort of less than 1 hour, a simple consumption of mineral water is sufficient.

Is there a risk of overconsumption?

Over-consumption of electrolyte drinks, without intense physical activity, can lead to various problems: Hypercalcaemia (too much calcium) can cause constipation, nausea, vomiting and dehydration. Hyperkalaemia (too high a level of potassium) can be moderate and cause only a few symptoms or be asymptomatic; in its more severe form, hyperkalaemia causes arrhythmia which can lead to death when the level is very high.

Hypernatraemia (too high a level of sodium) can be the consequence of dehydration following too little water consumption, excessive sweating. It is recommended not to take more than one sachet (20g) per hour and a half of effort.

What is the format of an electrolyte drink?

In general, electrolyte drinks come in 2 formats: pellets or powders, which dissolve in a greater or lesser amount of water. At Holyfat we have chosen to present our electrolyte drink in powder form for the moment, in order to add a minimum of ingredients (the effervescent tablets are made with bicarbonate of soda, for example) but also to have the most perfect dissolution possible without leaving any residue.

As far as the format is concerned. The sachets are available individually (20 g), but we are currently studying the possibility of presenting our electrolyte drinks in a larger format (300 g jar).

Why drink electrolytes?

Drinking electrolytes is important to maintain adequate water balance in the body and to replace minerals such as sodium, potassium and magnesium lost through sweat during intense physical activity or in hot weather. This can help prevent dehydration, muscle cramps and improve athletic performance.

When to drink electrolytes?

It is recommended to drink a drink containing electrolytes during intense physical activity. During activity, sweating can lead to a significant loss of minerals. A drink rich in electrolytes can help replace these lost minerals, or you can drink electrolytes during hot weather when you are likely to sweat more and become dehydrated. electrolytes will help maintain an adequate water balance.

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