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Don't neglect your diet during your triathlons

Nutrition is a crucial aspect for triathlon athletes. The combination of swimming, cycling and running requires adequate nutrition to maintain energy levels, improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

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"I've got into the habit of eating half a holy-fat bar 30 minutes before the start of the swim and I finish it at the bike transition. It all depends on the time of the race. If the race is early in the morning, the holy-fat bar goes well with breakfast and replaces an oilseed puree. If the race is in the afternoon, the bar comes before the start."

Nicolas Raybaud - Triathlete.

Stable energy for training without sluggishness

Holyfat is a brand from Lille that offers energy-rich products with less than 5% carbohydrates. The objective? To offer you easily digestible, quickly assimilated products that will provide you with an average of 2 hours of stable energy without any variation in blood sugar levels or sluggishness. Moreover, hydration is crucial to maintain performance and prevent health problems, especially during outdoor events. This is why Holyfat has developed an electrolyte drink rich in sodium, magnesium and potassium to prevent cramps and maintain the water balance essential for performance.

Why are fats important during exercise?

If you are on a carbohydrate-based diet:
As glycogen stores are limited, regular carbohydrate replenishment is imperative every 45 minutes on average, which increases the risk of hypoglycaemia and digestive problems over time.

With a fat-based diet:
Fat plays a key role as an energy source for the body, as it provides 9 calories per gram, unlike carbohydrates and proteins which provide 4. This means that fat can provide a more sustainable and stable energy source. Fat intake allows you to swim, run, cycle for a long time without blood sugar fluctuations.

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