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Food must not be neglected

Nutrition plays a crucial role in preparing for a bike race. Cyclists looking for the best results should be aware of the importance of feeding in training before the race. Proper nutrition can help improve performance, increase stress resistance and reduce the risk of injury.

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"HolyFat products, you ask yourself when and why you should use them?
You don't want to feel hungry after eating a piece of fruit paste? Or to be thirsty again after finishing your tummy...

Well, I use the holyfat range.
I'll tell you how:
During a 3/4 hour training session I take my HolyFat powder can diluted in 1L of water and I always take a HolyFat bar, during the training session I eat it in 2 times and that's enough for the training.

During an ultra I have one bar, which I often save for the night, and one puree per day and one bag of drink per day.

But my favourite thing is my breakfasts:
Macadamia crisps in compote in the morning! Or the spread on waffles (banana oats), there is nothing better in terms of taste and energy intake.

My favourite products are the raspberry bar, the coffee puree and the mint drink."

Soralia Derbesse - Ultracyclist

With Holyfat products, stop cluttering yourself during your outings!

Holyfat is a range of products rich in fat and low in sugars. With an average of 250kcal in each product, no more soft strokes and hypoglycemic attacks.

Wondering how to use Holyfat products? Nothing could be simpler:
⦿ For breakfast: Holyfat spread will be your best ally with a slice of bread or yogurt.
⦿ During sport: A puree or a bar every 1h30 2h.
⦿ After Sports: You can take a spread or a purée/bar if you have more than 1 hour waiting before your next meal.
⦿ Hydration: 1 sachet diluted in 1L of water every 1h30 on average (depending on your needs and temperature take a single water bottle)

How to eat well on the bike?

It is important to understand that sports nutrition plays a crucial role in sport performance. During long bike rides, it is essential to eat properly.
A diet based on lipids can be particularly beneficial for cyclists. In fact, fats are an important source of energy for the body, because they provide 9 calories per gram, unlike carbohydrates and proteins, respectively 4.
Cyclists who follow a high-fat diet will burn fat rather than carbohydrates as a source of energy and increase their ability to store fat reserves, This will result in better endurance and faster recovery during long rides.

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