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The importance of a good trail diet

When preparing for a trail run, it is important to pay attention to your diet. It can make the difference between a successful performance and a disappointing one. Trail runners need sufficient nutrients to support their training and allow them to recover properly.

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"My Holyfat products?

They accompany me throughout my day and all week:

In the morning, in my porridge, it will be a spoonful of macadamia spread

Again in the afternoon, as a snack between my day at the office and a training session; it will be either a spread, or a puree accompanied by fruit, protein yoghurt or even rice cakes

It's a treat!

During my sport if I am on a long run or trail, I take a puree during training

If I'm on a road race in time trial mode, I'll have a mash in my starting locker and then it's a burst of energy for my race!

Namely, in the train, in the plane, a long car journey, I always have a puree with me!

A cross-training on a mountain bike? Gooo my refueling will be a puree too 😊

So greedy!"

Léa Paquet - Trail Athlete.

With Holyfat, no more hypoglycaemia!

Holyfat is a sugar-free, high-fat product. All our products contain less than 5% of carbohydrates.
Our main ingredients are walnuts, almonds and macadamias, oilseeds rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre that help improve performance and promote recovery.

How to use our products?
⦿ At breakfast: a Holyfat bar or the spread spread on bread or in yoghurt.
⦿ During sport: One bar / puree every 1.5 - 2 hours of effort.
⦿ After sport: If you have more than 1 hour to wait before your next meal, you can have a spread or bar.
⦿ Hydration: Dilute 1 sachet in 1L of water (if you are used to consuming a lot of water, take a flask of neutral water in addition).

How to optimise your diet for trail running?

Fat-based diets are becoming increasingly popular among professional and amateur runners, as they can offer many performance and health benefits. Healthy fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids, can help provide long-term energy and improve muscle recovery. They can also improve endurance performance by enabling athletes to maintain stable energy levels during long periods of exercise.
Indeed, fats help regulate blood sugar levels, limiting blood sugar spikes and preventing hypoglycaemia. Healthy fats can even help improve insulin sensitivity, which means the body is better able to manage blood sugar levels.

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