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Reusable bottle - 37 or 60mL flask

Reusable bottle - 37 or 60mL flask

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  • 37 or 60mL
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 24-48h delivery

Discover our eco-refillable water bottle, designed to be filled with our 240g pouches, the water bottle is available in 37mL or 60mL format.
Perfect for longer or shorter outings, the reusable bottle allows you to reduce packaging to a minimum. The 37mL format can contain up to 40g of Holyfat purees, the equivalent of 2 hours of energy. The 60mL bottle can contain up to 70g of puree or 490kcal or about 4 hours of effort.

Lightweight thanks to its silicone material, the reusable compote bottle is designed to fit in runners' belts or cyclists' jersey pockets.

The format of the sport bottle allows an easy one-handed grip, which makes it a great asset during an effort.

Easy to fill thanks to its wide opening, the reusable bottle is equipped with a stop-drop system, thus avoiding any leakage of product.

The reusable bottle is made of food-grade silicone, which does not spoil the flavour of the purées and does not give an unpleasant plastic taste to the products.

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A light water bottle is essential

The 37mL compote reusable bottle has a capacity of 40g which is equivalent to a puree. This reusable bottle format is recommended for a 2 hour outing.

The 60mL reusable bottle has a capacity of 70g which is equivalent to 2 Holyfat purées. It is recommended for a 4 hour outing.

Whatever the size, the bottle has been designed to fit into trail belts but also into jersey pockets... the reusable water bottle is therefore perfect for trail outings, running, cycling, hiking, skiing... But also to take with you in everyday life...

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
alexandre (Perpignan, France)
Pratique car rechargeable, mais difficile à nettoyer

Le nettoyage de la valve est délicat

Maria B. (Escamps, France)
Pas mal

Il est pas mal aïs je trouve que il reste pas mal de produit au fond du flacon qu'on peut pas récupérer

Caroline (Houilles, France)

Gourde réutilisable souple pour le sport (purées, compotes) : Flacon de 37 ou 60mL

SEVERINE B. (Vitry-le-François, France)

Me permet d’emporter ma purée de noisette agrémentée d’huile MCT et de sel voir de cacao, j'utilise plus celles de 40 mais j'en ai une de 60ml ça sera pour les longues sorties

Adrien C. (Villeurbanne, France)

Extra, mais en tant que gourmand j'aurais du prendre 60ml

Jeff V. (Stuttgart, Germany)

Dommage que l'on peut pas récupérer tout le produit à l'intérieur...

Ak (La Ciotat, France)

Un peu difficile de récupérer tout le contenu 😅
Penser à diluer si besoin😉
Tester avec vanille, au top

All about our reusable water bottle!

What do I do if my reusable bottle is damaged?

With time, outings and repeated washing, your refillable eco-bottle can deteriorate. Don't worry, send us a photo of your bottle to and we will send you a new one with your next order.

How long can the purée be kept in the flexible bottle?

Once the purée has been put in the flexible bottle, we advise you to consume it within 72 hours in order to preserve its flavour and limit the time it is in contact with the air.

How do I clean the reusable water bottle?

It is best to clean the bottle after each use.

However, if you are going to be out for several days and it is difficult to find hot water and soap, we advise you not to rinse the bottle and to refill it directly. If you rinse the reusable bottle with cold water, the fat will not come off and when you refill the bottle you will have a mixture of water and fat.

When you want to clean the bottle, dismantle it beforehand in 3 parts (unscrew the cap as for filling the bottle and remove the black ring).
The refillable bottle can be washed in the dishwasher.
If you do not have one, you can soak the three parts of the bottle in hot water with washing-up liquid and then clean with a sponge.

Once washed, it is advisable to store the refillable compote bottle open.

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