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100% electrolytes Recovery Pack (6 bags / 1 cream 200mL)

100% electrolytes Recovery Pack (6 bags / 1 cream 200mL)

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  • Optimum recovery
  • With organic aloe vera
  • 24-48h delivery

Package contents

The pack contains 1 x 200mL Alka 12 cream and 6 bags of 2 flavours of electrolyte drinks:
- x3 Ginger sachets
- x3 MThe pack contains :
- 1 x 200mL Alka 12 cream
- x1 Mint Sachets
- x1 Green Apple sachets
- x1 Nature sachets
- x1 Mango sachet
- x1 Plain Sachets
- x1 Cocoa Sachets

Shelf life of drinks: >12 months


Electrolytes drinks: A drink rich in essential minerals. All our powders have the same composition, only the natural flavour changes.

Ingredients : Dextrose monohydrate, minerals 27.75% (trisodium citrate, potassium chloride, fine salt, tri-magnesium citrate), natural flavour (ginger OR mango OR apple OR mint OR cocoa).
May contain traces of milk.

Minerals in one dose (20g) :
Sodium: 1020 mg
Potassium: 736 mg
Chloride: 1427 mg
Magnesium: 154 mg

ALKA12 Cream: Ingredients: Natural source of Zechstein Inside magnesium salt in gel form for topical cosmetic and medical use. Aloe vera plant active ingredient.

Nutritional values

Electrolytes drinks:
Average nutritional values per 100g :

Energy: 253 kcal / 1073 kJ
Fat: 0.1 g
of which saturated fatty acids: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 63 g
of which sugars: 60.7 g
Protein: 0.1 g
Salt: 12.8 g

Cream: For use on the skin only, do not eat.


Dilute in 1 litre of cool water.

Consume during your activity, up to a maximum of one 20g sachet for 1? hours of exercise.

Once diluted, we recommend that you consume the drink within 72 hours.

To optimise your recovery, make sure you get plenty of minerals (mainly sodium, potassium and magnesium). The earlier you start drinking it, the quicker you'll be able to restore your fluid and electrolyte balance.


Drinks expiry date: 12/2024

Store in a dry place away from light.

This pack introduces you to our range of Holyfat electrolyte products.
Rich in sodium, magnesium and potassium, our drinks are ideal for staying hydrated throughout an outing. ALKA12 cream is ideal for recovery and injury prevention.

Our drinks are designed to:

  • Fight against fatigue
  • Allow optimal assimilation
  • Compensate for hydroelectrolytic losses
  • Preserve muscles
  • Promote recovery

Our cream, with organic aloe vera, is rich in magnesium and calcium and will help you to enjoy better recovery.

And of course, it's all made in France!

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Customer Reviews

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christof c.
Super goût, je recommande à 100%

Je suis très difficile niveau goût avec les gels/purée mais Holyfat c'est exceptionnellement bon!

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