Holyfat is a range of nut blends rich in energy without any sugar and with a great taste, give it a try and help us make Fat great again!

Have you heard the term essential fats?  They’re called “essential” because humans can’t live without them. Fat is necessary for proper body function and the absorption of vitamins.

For over half a century, we were made to believe that fat was absolutely terrifying. Without any substantial evidence, we suddenly became scared that fat would stick to our arteries like gunk in old pipes and cause strokes and heart attacks.   At the same time the carbohydrates have taken a huge part of our daily food intake. 

Now we know fat is our friend and essential to a healthy body.


Our products are made in the north of France from raw materials sourced in France and/or Italy, making  Holyfat the snack that will satiate your body, mind and spirit.