Le gras, c’est la vie !

It’s not just a saying. Everyone has heard of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Unless lipids (fat) are absolutely essential for the proper functioning of the body!
Yes, we need good fat to live.

Avec Holyfat, exit les produits ultra-transformés et super enrichis en sucres, colorants et autres cochonneries. Nous proposons à tous une alternative non sucrée, gourmande et de qualité. Des ingrédients sains, sélectionnés avec soin, aucun produit controversé.

Holyfat pourcentages

Holyfat, was born from an observation:

There is currently no sugar-free, tasty, convenient, ready-to-use snack for endurance athletes or busy consumers. Gels, bars, drinks,… They all contain significant amounts of sugars. However, it is not necessary to binge on it to perform. In addition, the taste or texture are not always there, often judged too sweet or disgusting.

With Holyfat, exit the ultra-processed products super enriched in sugars, dyes and other junk food. We offer everyone an unsweetened, gourmet and quality alternative. Healthy, carefully selected ingredients, no controversial products.

Holyfat is the snack you needed to stay on top and always keep going!

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Our natural ingredients are sourced as close as possible to our production site, located in the North of France.

How to consume Holyfat?