First trail running race organized in France in 1995, the Templar Festival has become the biggest festival of trail running. Organized on a preserved territory, the Templiers explore all the diversity and the wild beauty of the Grands Causses and the Gorges du Tarn, an exceptional territory for the practice of trail running.
With 11 races on the program and 12,000 runners, this Festival associated with the Trail Running Show brings together the entire trail running community.

And what can we say about this community... Passionate runners in search of escape and surpassing themselves. It is for you thatHolyfat was created for you.

It is always a real pleasure to exchange with each of you. The big questions remain the same: are these sugar-free products? Salty products ? When to eat them? But each exchange remains different and enriching. Nothing is more pleasant than to see you come back to an event and tell us that you have adopted our products.

In trail running, digestive problems are one of the main causes of abandonment. Hence the importance of nutrition in this sport. A nutrition that must be healthy and digestible because the longer the effort, the more difficult it is for the body to assimilate the energy sources it needs to move forward.

Holyfat offers an alternative to all the sugary products available on the sports nutrition market. The energy intake comes from lipids and not from carbohydrates. Lipids take a little longer to be assimilated by the body but have the advantage of being absorbed in the intestine and not in the stomach. This considerably limits the risk of digestive problems.

Our ambassador Ben Violot can testify to this. Finisher of the Grand Trail des Templiers, he came to the end of the 80 km and 3 600 m of positive difference in altitude in 15h 25′ and in sandals! Congratulations to him for this revenge on the event and this great performance.

Congratulations also to Wendy, Holyfat ambassador, who discovered our products recently and adopted them immediately. She completed the Grand Trail des Templiers in less than 15 hours. A remarkable performance!

A big thank you to everyone for making this event so unique.

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