Ketogenic diet for sports

The ketogenic diet is very useful for long-distance efforts, such as the RAF or theUTMB for example. It will allow you to mobilize your lipid reserves as energy sources which will offer you a stable energy and will avoid hypoglycemia.

Why does the keto diet work for endurance sports?

The use of lipids (fats) as a source of energy is optimal during long-duration efforts (from several hours to several days: marathons, triathlons, Iron-Man, trails, ultra-trails, ultra-cycling, raids...), carried out with a low heart rate (less than 70% of the maximum heart rate). The ketogenic diet helps to mobilize fat as a source of energy, which is why it is ideal for endurance sports. Our Holyfat products are perfect for endurance sports: they are low in carbohydrates, without added sugar and rich in good fats. For more information, see our article IS THE CETOGEN DIET FOR SPORTS PEOPLE?

What are the advantages of a keto diet when you do sports?

The keto diet, or ketogenic diet, allows you to use fats (or lipids) as your main source of energy instead of carbohydrates. The advantage for the athlete is to take advantage of an almost infinite source of energy (between 50,000 and 100,000 calories) which will allow him to spend hours without a drop in energy. By leaving aside his sugar reserves, he also avoids hypoglycemia: his blood sugar level is perfectly stable throughout the effort. The keto diet also avoids food and gastric disorders that can occur during the effort. Our Holyfat products have been designed to be used as part of a ketogenic diet: they are low in carbohydrates, without added sugar and rich in good fats and proteins. A contribution of energy to surpass yourself, for a long time!

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