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100% energy, 0 added sugar

If you are used to sugar, why not turn to your fat reserves?
Soft bars with taste, to eat before, during and after exercise.

  • 230 Kcal / bar
  • Up to 2h-2h30 of effort
  • A feeling of satiety

Energy bar

Holyfat, the ideal sports energy bar!

Compared to traditional "energy bars", save on unnecessary packaging and take only the bare essentials with you (thanks to our eco format) to boost your day or your performance! Our promise? At last, a diet bar with TASTE and QUALITY ingredients, to be eaten WITHOUT moderation. Our range of energy bars is gluten-free and vegan. Our ingredients are not organic, but they are sourced as closely as possible.

Sugar-free energy bars

Holyfat energy bars are made from natural ingredients (almond, medium chain triglycerides, cocoa powder, cocoa butter...). Unlike the fruit-based bars usually found on the sports nutrition market, ours are rich in fat, protein, sodium and potassium, and very low in sugar! The advantage? 230 kCal per energy bar and up to 2h30 of effort, an unbeatable weight/energy ratio.

Frequently asked questions

All about the composition of our energy bars

At HolyFat, we have chosen quality ingredients to meet your needs. Our energy bars are rich in lipids, vitamins and minerals that come from:
⦿ MCT oil: MCT oil stimulates the production of ketones which improves cognitive function which helps sportsmen and women concentrate. MCT powder also helps to reduce body weight and reduce waist circumference, which helps to manage glycaemia or blood sugar levels.
⦿ Cocoa butter: Very rich in vitamins and minerals in particular, cocoa butter helps to maintain the acid-base balance in the muscles, reducing the appearance of cramps and promoting recovery at the same time. It also contains omega 9s, which are very good for the cardiovascular system, as well as vitamins A, B and C.
⦿ Almonds: Rich in lipids, omega 9, fibre, protein and mineral salts, almonds help transport oxygen to the muscles, making them the ideal ingredient for longer, more intense physical activity.
⦿ Cocoa powder: Cocoa is rich in flavonoids, powerful antioxidants that promote cardiovascular health, and nitrates, which dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation and reduce oxygen consumption, enabling athletes to run longer. It is also rich in minerals such as potassium and magnesium.
⦿ Salt, to maximise sodium intake
Depending on the flavour:
⦿ Coconut: Rich in fibre and minerals such as magnesium and potassium, coconut will replenish your energy reserves while making you feel full.
⦿ Freeze-dried raspberries: Raspberries stimulate intestinal transit and therefore aid digestion. this fruit is good source of manganese, vitamins ( mainly vitamin C and E), and mineral elements (particularly iron to facilitate oxygen transport). Raspberries also add a slightly acidic touch.
⦿ Freeze-dried lemon (new): Lemon is rich in vitamin C, making this fruit a powerful antioxidant.
⦿ Peanut butter and peanuts.

The Holyfat energy bar is not organic, but we make sure it's as good and natural as possible. We choose local, high-quality ingredients, even if they are not organic. At Holyfat, we try to offer you new products and new flavours on a regular basis. Our bars have a soft texture and no added sugar (honey, glucose, etc.).

What is an energy bar?

An energy bar or "energy bar" is a solid food that allows you to add calories during the effort to avoid our body having to dip into reserves. This calorie intake can (and must) be supplemented by other active ingredients such as proteins, vitamins (vitamin C, group B) and minerals (magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc.). 

Holyfat energy bars are high in calories because they are rich in fat (almonds, MCT oil). Thanks to these ingredients, they give you a boost, particularly during high-intensity or prolonged activity, and are ideal for compensating for your energy losses. Energy bars are designed for both amateur and professional sportsmen and women. They support athletes during their physical efforts to improve their performance. They offer a number of advantages for sport, provided you choose them carefully and consume them correctly. However, an energy bar should not be confused with a cereal bar (puffed rice, oats, seed), which is more often used for recreational purposes or as an appetite suppressant.

Why eat a sugarless energy bar instead of a sugary energy bar or a protein bar?

By definition, protein bars are high in protein. They are more suited to a recovery role after exertion and are intended to help muscles develop. This is why this type of product is used as a post-exercise snack. Of course, they will not replace daily meals, but can help satisfy a craving in the middle of the day.

Conversely, the energy bar (or energy bar) is intended primarily for athletes looking for suitable supplements, whether they are runners or weight training practitioners. It is generally high in calories. The energy bar is therefore generally rich in either carbohydrates (like glucose) or lipids. Their protein content is fairly average. This bar was designed for athletes and athletes who need to refuel before and during physical exertion. It is these energy sources that allow them to feed their muscles before and during each performance. These two types of energy bars have different objectives.

Carbohydrate-rich energy bars are best used for short-term physical activity or for intense exertion at any given moment, as they provide the body with a source of energy that can be used instantly. These products are generally cereal bars (seeds, oats, puffed rice) with honey or date paste bars with fruit. They should not be eaten in large quantities or at any time, as this could result in a high glycaemic index.
While the sugarless energy bar focuses on lipids, which are major components of the membranes and nervous system. They are the source of hormones and other important molecules. They contribute to the intake of fat-soluble vitamins and provide essential fatty acids for longer and more intense physical activity.

The high-fat energy bar is, of course, an important energy reserve. It replaces carbohydrate intake when these are lacking by the ketosis process. By using glycerol from fats (triglycerides), the body breaks down amino acids to make glucose. This is called neoglucogenesis. The body then manages to maintain its glycogen level at half of its optimal value, without inducing risk of muscle loss, on the contrary: in ketosis, mitochondria are adapted to burn in priority ketones bodies and fatty acids to bring energy, preserving protein and sugar reserves.
The sugarless energy bar can be consumed before, during and after exercise. It can also be used as an appetite suppressant in the case of low hunger. These energy bars are often made from oilseeds such as almonds, walnuts, peanut and macadamias to ensure a high fat content. The texture of these bars is often softer.

What is the purpose of lipids in an energy bar?

Lipids have six essential functions in the body:

  • To provide a large, concentrated supply of energy.
  • To protect organs.
  • To provide thermal protection for the body.
  • To carry fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K).
  • To provide essential fatty acids which play a vital role in the manufacture of certain hormones (including testosterone), the structure of all cells, etc.
  • To enhance the taste and texture of food and to promote the feeling of satiety.

How to consume your energy bar?

In order to consume an energy bar correctly, a distinction must be made between sports with high and low shock waves. Cycling, for example, causes less shock to the body. All athletes can consume energy bars. All sportsmen and women can consume energy bars, but cyclists prefer them because of their intestinal benefits.

For sports such as running, trail running, marathons and similar sports, which generate much greater impact on the body, the bar should be eaten in small, chewy pieces. Otherwise, the stomach will have to work harder to digest the bar, which is generally not appropriate for physical activity.

Slightly slowing down can also help to avoid side stitches. Furthermore, during endurance or ultra-trail events, the intake of solids is recommended for taste, energy and psychological reasons.

Which bar to choose before and after sports?

Before and during physical effort, it's best to use a sugar-free or even salted energy product. This will provide immediate energy that can be used by our body and avoid food cravings. After the effort, we recommend eating a full meal. However, if you do not have time, you can consume a high-fat bar to give you the necessary energy until your next meal. In parallel, a sugar-free protein bar can help speed recovery and strengthen your muscles.

When to eat an energy bar?

A Holyfat energy bar contains 230 kilo-calories. It is advisable to consume one hour before your physical effort and then every 2h-2h30 of effort in order to bring you the necessary energy for your physical activity and to avoid the attacks of hunger. Looking for an energetic bike, trail, running bar?

Whatever energy bar you choose for your sports practice, it's important to use it at the right time and frequency depending on the type of sport you are playing. If food can build up glycogen stocks, physical activity will reduce some or all of these energy reserves. It is therefore essential to maintain them when making an effort, and to reconstitute them during the recovery phase. An energy bar helps meet these needs by accompanying each athlete to help him improve his performance and achieve his goals. To avoid the famous «food cravings», it is advisable to have a regular energy intake during exercise. A fat-rich energy bar can be consumed in small portions, before, during and after exercise.

How was the Holyfat energy bar range thought?

The range has been designed to meet the needs of athletes, upstream of the effort, during the sport or for recovery. Easy to carry, the Holyfat energy bar contains 230kCal, which allows you to accompany yourself for a long-lasting effort. No need to carry many different products for your sport, save space, reduce packaging and save energy.

The advantage of a carbohydrate-free energy bar? It’s much easier to digest!
No more disgusting energy gels and bars. Unlike carbohydrates, fat is not absorbed in the stomach but in the intestine. The energy intake is stable and sustainable. Lipids are good and bad. Insufficient intake of good vegetable oils harms health and hinders progress in intense sport. It’s not the amount of fat on our plate that counts, but the quality of it.
At Holyfat, we choose the right fats for you, with our quality ingredients!

Not convinced yet? Try it now for yourself: we're certain of our products! With their soft texture, crunchy peanut pieces and slivers of Guérande salt, this is the energy bar to eat whatever the circumstances. This salty sensation is even more pleasant during exercise. If you've had enough of sugar and want a real salty snack, this is the product for you to try.
We offer 4 different almond-based bars: one with chocolate and peanuts, one with coconut and chocolate, and two with fruit: one with cocoa and lemon (new) and one with raspberries and chocolate. Our bars will provide you with the fats, minerals (potassium, magnesium, etc.) and vitamins you need for your outings.

In trail running, it's often said that nutrition is like shoes: once you've found the right pair, you never change. With Holyfat, you might just have found the right shoe for you. Try our bars, they're just great!

All our products are vegan and gluten-free. They're not organic, but they're sourced as close as possible to the source.

What is a protein bar without sugars?

A sugar-free protein bar is an energy bar that contains a significant amount of protein and is normally free of added sugars. The benefits of a sugar-free protein bar may depend on the specific composition of the bar, but here are some potential benefits:Promotes muscle recovery: Protein bars are high in protein, which are essential for muscle recovery after exercise. Proteins help repair damaged muscle tissue during training, which can help improve muscle strength and function.

Appetite Control: Sugar-free protein bars can help control appetite because of their protein content. Protein can help increase satiety, which can help you feel full longer and avoid cravings.

Convenience: Sugar-free protein bars can be a convenient option for people who need a quick snack or meal that is easy to take away. They are often easily transportable and can be consumed at any time of the day.

Performance Improvement: Sugar-free protein bars can help improve performance by increasing muscle strength and endurance, It's important to note that the benefits of sugar-free protein bars can vary depending on the brand, the composition - type of protein (rice, peas, whey) and the way they are consumed. It is also important to consume them in addition to a healthy and balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

Are your bars gluten/lactose and vegan free?

All our bars are gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan. Our energy bars are not organic, but the ingredients are sourced as closely as possible.

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