Fatigue à l’effort physique

Fatigue during physical effort

Being tired after a sport effort is quite normal, that's why it is advised to rest well after a physical effort. During an effort, to delay fatigue, it is recommended to avoid taking snacks with a high glycemic index, our sugar-free bars are ideal for this. A drink enriched with electrolytes or salt will also help you avoid potential cramps.

How to avoid the marathon wall?

The " marathonwall" often corresponds to the depletion of sugar resources in the blood, along with great muscle fatigue. To overcome this famous "wall", we recommend that you limit your consumption of fast sugars, as well as getting used to using your fats as an alternative energy source. To do this, you can implement a low-glycogen training protocol with fasting workouts or you can embark on the ketogenic diet and become an incredible fat burning machine. To fuel yourself while avoiding hypoglycemia, we recommend our Holyfat oilseed bars and purees: our products are low in carbohydrates and without added sugar and will provide you with energy for a long time: enough to finish your marathon without hitting a "wall" and beat your record!

How to avoid muscular pain after sport?

Taking care of your recovery will help you avoid muscle pain after sport: get enough sleep, eat good sources of protein (meat, fish, eggs) to repair your muscles, eat more salt to compensate for mineral losses, and drink a lot. Stretching, massaging and taking cold baths can also help to recover better and avoid muscle pain.

How to recover faster after sport?

To recover faster after sport, it is recommended to consume good sources of protein (meat, fish, eggs) to repair the muscles, to eat more salt to compensate for the loss of minerals, to drink a lot and to get enough sleep. Stretching, massaging and taking cold baths can also help to recover better.

How to delay cramps?

Cramps can be related to a lack of minerals: when you sweat, you lose essential minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium). Adding a handful of salt or electrolytes to your water is an excellent way to compensate for these losses and delay the onset of cramps.

How to relieve fatigue after a major sporting effort?

To relieve fatigue after sports, eating a meal with a good dose of protein will help rebuild muscles. A good night's sleep, an adapted rest period, sufficient water consumption, stretching, massages and ice baths can also help to recover well.

Why does sport make you tired?

After a sports session, a general state of fatigue is quite normal! It is present at the muscular level because the repeated effort has created micro lesions that will be repaired naturally, but also at the cardiac and nervous system levels. This is why it is fundamental to take care of your recovery by eating, drinking and sleeping enough. For more information see HOW TO AVOID FATIGUE DURING EXERCISE, ESPECIALLY DURING ENDURANCE SPORT?

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