Affiliate program and conditions

You have already tested our products, you liked them and want to share them with your community? 

What is affiliation?

By joining the affiliate program, you will be able to share your experiences with Holyfat with your community and recommend the products to them with a 10% one-time code per customer.

For each sale you make, you will receive a 10% commission that you can use on your next orders!

Who is this partner program for?

What's important to us is to have real brand enthusiasts with whom to share feedback to improve the quality of our products and the Holyfat experience. So if you use our products on a daily basis, we'd love to have you join us!

How does it work?

Register on the affiliates' area.

Once your account has been validated, you can then distribute your personalised sponsorship links on your website if you have one, by e-mail or on social networks.
To get them, go directly to your affiliate space. You can create as many as you want for your different social networks or to different pages on our site.

Each time a sale is made through one of your affiliate links, you will receive a 10% commission.
You will be able to view your statistics, pending earnings and paid earnings, again in the affiliate area, under "statistics". If the people you invited become Holyfat customers, you can see your earnings increase!

To register, your website is required. If you don't have one, you can simply enter the address of one of your social network profiles, such as the address of your Facebook profile, to validate your registration.

Your winnings will be paid out in the form of a credit that you can use to purchase Holyfat products.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you encounter any difficulties regarding your registration or the distribution of your affiliate links.

>>> Being an active participant in this affiliate program is a great support to the Holyfat concept.

>>> Click here to access the affiliate area!