Fuel guide

Optimise your performance and metabolism with a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet. Holyfat offers you a new concept to redefine your nutrition together before, during and after your efforts through this Fuel Guide.

Holyfat gives you the keys to achieving your performance goals:

  • Sample training plans for 1 typical week in 3 levels of intensity
  • Sample nutritional plans with details of your food and hydration for your training sessions and race day.

Training packs


- Endurance: for days of active recovery or long training sessions at low intensity

- Moderate intensity: for sessions at your usual pace- -

- High intensity: to diversify your training and develop your cardiac and muscular capacities


For race day, Holyfat offers a detailed plan, adapted to the nature of the event. Using the fundamental principles of lipid nutrition, this plan aims to ensure optimum availability of energy, adequate hydration and effective management of your blood sugar levels.

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How can you optimise your diet to perform in competition?

Opt for a lipid-based diet! It's becoming increasingly popular with professional and amateur sportsmen and women because it offers a number of benefits for performance and health:

  • Saves glycogen reserves
  • Fat becomes the preferred source of energy
  • Reduces insulin secretion
  • Impotence suppressant
  • Regulates weight
  • Promotes muscle recovery

In short, a diet rich in fat improves endurance performance by enabling athletes to maintain stable energy levels without variations in blood sugar levels.

As a reminder, 1g of lipids is 9Kcal VS 4Kcal for 1g of carbohydrates. So in equal doses, lipids give you the best boost! It's an unbeatable Kcal/weight ratio for a light but energetic start to your race!

What's the difference between a bar and a purée?

  • The puree contains 40g of oilseeds crushed into a liquid gel. That's 40g of product for 230Kcal in a flexible water bottle format. All this energy is provided by 2 key ingredients: macadamia nuts (around 95%) and MCT oil (around 5%). They provide all the right fats and energy for your body during exercise.
  • The bar contains 50g of healthy, high-energy ingredients for 230Kcal. All this energy comes from almonds, MCT oil, chicory root fibre and rice protein. Our bars therefore offer a higher protein intake than puree, with around 20% protein!

The choice between puree and bar depends on your personal preferences, your specific nutrient requirements and the context of your physical activity. Whether you opt for the energy content of a puree or the convenience of a bar, these two options offer distinct advantages to support you in all your sporting activities.