En quoi une boisson sportive améliore la récupération après le sport ?

How does a sports drink improve recovery after sports?

After intensive sports sessions, whether for amateur or professional athletes, recovery plays a crucial role. Indeed, sport will have an impact on our health, and recovery will represent all the means implemented to regain normal muscle activity after an effort. Recovery is not only about resting, it will also be related to nutrition and hydration.


When exercising, the body loses water and micronutrients. These losses can be partially filled during exercise, by isotonic drinks, such as our drinks rich in Holyfat electrolytes. But it is still important to eat and hydrate properly following an effort to rebuild nutrient stocks in particular. Indeed, practicing physical activity will lead to the use of micro and macronutrients to produce energy. Thus, fats, carbohydrates and proteins will be used by the muscles.


Recovery drinks are a practical and effective solution to replenish reserves quickly after exercise by providing all the necessary nutrients to the body.


The functions of recovery drink


  • Hydrate and provide minerals


During an effort, hydration is essential. Sweating leads to a loss of water and minerals. Thus, despite the intake of water or isotonic drinks during exercise, water losses are greater than intakes. It is therefore necessary to hydrate after physical activity.

Dehydration can, among other things, lead to cramps, muscle or ligament pain and therefore an increased risk of injury. On the other hand, mineral losses caused by sweating will decrease their functions in the body.


The recovery drink allows you to hydrate yourself while providing some essential minerals to muscle and nerve functions such as potassium, magnesium and zinc for example.


  • Replenish glycogen stores


During physical activity, muscles consume energy. They draw on carbohydrate reserves first, then on fat reserves. Muscle energy comes mainly from the breakdown of glycogen into glucose by glycogenolysis. Glucose is therefore the main energy substrate for muscles. Thus, it is important to restore glycogen stores.


The consumption of a recovery drink containing carbohydrates will provide you with the necessary nutrients to renew the glycogen stock.


  • Promote recovery and repair of muscle fibers


Muscles are one of the most affected parts of the body during physical activity. Indeed, the amino acids that make up muscle proteins are used to create energy substrates. The use of amino acids is low, but nevertheless has consequences on the functioning of the muscular system. Therefore, it is important to restore protein stocks.


Some foods for athletes contain collagen that participates in muscle regeneration, but also in the regeneration of connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons. This helps prevent certain injuries such as sprains.


The consumption of a recovery drink containing proteins will therefore be beneficial to regenerate the muscles following physical activity.


In summary…


The recovery drink is rich in nutrients essential to the functioning of our body. It provides macro and micro-nutrients that will play a role in restoring reserves and repairing damaged tissues.


Be careful, it is important not to confuse recovery drinks with energy drinks. Energy drinks are generally very sugary drinks such as sodas in which have been added exciting substances (taurine, caffeine, etc.). They can cause problems and are not recommended during physical exercise.

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