Snacks during sport

During your sporting effort, it is advisable to take a snack only if you feel the need. Moreover, during efforts of less than 1h30, a good hydration is enough. For efforts longer than 1h30, it is recommended to take products with low glycemic indexes, such as our sugar-free energy purees and our bars, in order to avoid hypoglycemia. However, you can take a sweet snack during your last half hour to give yourself a final energy boost.

What should I eat for endurance sports?

For endurance sports performed at low intensity, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of fast sugars with high glycemic index in order to limit the important variations of glycemia and to protect yourself from hypoglycemia. Our Holyfat products are low in carbohydrates and without added sugar: their good fats and proteins bring you a stable and long-lasting energy for all your sports outings: cycling, trail, marathon, triathlon, hiking ...

What to eat when you do sports?

When you do sports, it is usually advisable to consume carbohydrates to recharge your glycogen reserves. To protect yourself from hypoglycemia, it can also be very interesting to consume more proteins and lipids and to exclude all refined sugars with a high glycemic index.

What diet for an athlete?

For athletes, we recommend limiting carbohydrates with a high glycemic index such as white sugar, which are responsible for variations in blood sugar levels and hypoglycemia. We recommend consuming carbohydrates with low glycemic index but also good fats and proteins in order to bring you a stable and durable energy without risk of hypoglycemia. Our Holyfat products will accompany you everywhere: they will provide you with energy for a long time in the context of your sports practice (running, cycling, trail, triathlon ...).

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