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I started the ketogenic diet 5 years ago, after discovering the secrets of infinite energy using fat as an energy source. At the time, my passion for endurance sports was growing and I was experiencing regular hypoglycemia that soda cans and pastries were pushing through.

5 years after eliminating carbs and refined sugar, I no longer know what a hypoglycemia is, I ride for hours without a dip because my blood sugar is perfectly stable.

While I used to base my refreshments on cheese, eggs, dark chocolate and nuts, the discovery of Holyfat last year was a revelation: the oilseed puree pouches have accompanied me on all my rides for the past year. I love their texture and taste, and the energy they give me is incomparable.

So it was an obvious choice for me to fill my panniers and drop bags with Holyfat to start the 2500 km of the Race Across France.

The 7 days, 17 hours and 29 minutes it took me to cross our beautiful country from the Mediterranean to Le Touquet, crossing the Alps to the Mont Saint Michel were incredible.

Riding between 16 and 22 hours a day for an average of 320 km per 24 hours (my longest GPS track was 500 km in the Alps with a one hour night in the middle), discovering so many landscapes, climbing so many passes in the same day was exhilarating. So when you add to that the dimension of the race, the stopwatch that never stops and that becomes an obsession, the competitors-partners that push us to continue one more hour when it is not safe, the adventure takes a very special meaning.

Stopping at butcher shops and mini-markets to stock up on pâté, cucumber salad and blocks of Emmentaler cheese gave me the energy I needed to conquer this event. Holyfat purees and bars completed my ultra-cycling diet by giving me the extra energy that is so important when your whole body is asking to stop but your head knows you need to get over the pass before dark.

I was already an absolute fan of the oilseed purees (with a special mention for the cocoa-salt and vanilla flavors) that filled my silicone gourd, but the new bars are now also a real favorite. Their perfect texture, their chocolatey taste without bitterness despite the absence of sugar and the touch of salt... What a delight!

When the race became difficult, the simple idea of being able to eat a bar within an hour made the time less long and the kilometers sweeter.

Now all I have to do is think about the next adventure, with Holyfat as the main fuel without a doubt!

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