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The ideal format for your bike rides

ZEFAL x Holyfat Bottle - Magnum Pro 975 mL

ZEFAL x Holyfat Bottle - Magnum Pro 975 mL

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  • Pro-cap system
  • BPA-free
  • 24-48h delivery

Discover our top of the line ZEFAL water bottle (Magnum Pro):

  • 975mL, an ideal format for long outings, with standard dimensions adapted to all ZEFAL brand water bottle holders or others,
  • Pro-Cap with a double closure, manual and automatic, which makes it watertight,
  • The cap and the molded silicon lid bring comfort to the use in effort.

Guaranteed BPA-free, made of polypropylene

Format: height 27cm / 120g.

Limited stocks.

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A water bottle to take everywhere!

The Holyfat sports bottle is light (120g), the overmoulded lid allows a grip adapted for cycling and sportsmen. The silicone teat gives a pleasant feel in the mouth.

The bottle has a capacity of 975mL, which is ideal for long rides. The dimensions of the bottle (height 27cm) are adapted to the majority of bottle holders.

The Holyfat water bottle is designed for long-distance sports with a capacity of 975mL. It is ideal for cycling, triathlon or even hiking thanks to its lightness.

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ludivine c.

Bidon très souple et facile d'utilisation

All about our 975mL bottle

How long can I keep my electrolyte drink in my sports bottle? How do I clean the sports bottle?

We advise you to consume the contents of your canteen filled with electrolytes within 72 hours.
To clean your bottle, nothing could be easier!
You can wash your bottle in the dishwasher. If you don't have one, remember to rinse your bottle with water after each use and then store it open so that it dries out and prevents any mould from forming.
If you use electrolyte drinks in your bottle, clean all the components (cap, nipple, body) with washing-up liquid and a brush.

What does the pro cap system mean?

The pro cap system of the water bottle ensures that it is watertight. Whether the cap is open or closed, the water will not leak as long as you do not exert pressure on the bottle. Ideal for cycling, you can leave your bottle open without any risk of leakage!

Can you put something other than water in the canteen?

The large opening at the top of the bottle makes it easy to put ice cubes or a bag of electrolyte powder into the bottle.

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