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GravelMan Flanders 2022

What is the GravelMan?

More than a simple sporting event, it is a real challenge, an invitation to surpass oneself on mythical OnRoad or OffRoad tracks. A return to the essential for the time of an event, a few dozen hours out of time. Sporting events designed for all cycling, ultra endurance and bikepacking enthusiasts. Beginners or experienced, there is something for everyone. For those who love freedom, adventure and scenery.

The GravelMan Series is a series of committed adventures without any assistance (food, repairs, orientation, no following vehicle).
Two itineraries, a road version and a gravel version, only one distance and only one promise... That of an unforgettable adventure, of moments of sharing and fun between enthusiasts.

So two formats... Gravel or Road of a little less than 350 kilometers each. To each his own speed. Each one its own pleasure.

Common point to all the GravelMan Series: a few days before the departure, the participants receive the map as well as a flyer with the different addresses of the 10 checkpoints where they will have to take a selfie in front of a monument or a place to attest their passage. A map that is by definition original, adventurous and surprising.

On the program of the GravelMan Flanders Edition, 350km from the roads of the mythical Paris-Roubaix, cobblestones, hills and fries!

The motto of the event?
"Start with the legs, finish with the mental.

Our ambassador, Julien Rabier renamed it in his own way:

"Start with the legs, finish with what's left."

Finisher of the 2022 edition, it will take him 21h36 to come to the end of the 360 km and 3115 m of positive elevation gain. 21h36 that did not go quite as planned.

"A day without, no juice, stomach ache, difficulty to turn my legs, nothing I ate made me start again properly. Julien tells us.

Just like in ultra distance, everything does not always go as planned, even with a fuel as good asHolyfat in the tank!

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