ULULE Campaign

Our Ulule campaign was a great success at the beginning of this month, thanks to 222 benefactors. Once again, the Holy Team would like to thank them for this beautiful proof of trust and interest (and a little bit of love, even if they may not know it yet...).

We wanted to reassure our customers (present and future addicts!), we did not leave for the Caribbean with money (at this time, it is a little complicated to run away, you will agree).

Holyfat products are made of quality ingredients, sourced as close as possible to our production site in Northern France. But our production machines have not yet arrived! Everything is ready, we are on the go, the almonds are almost roasted, we only need these "small" elements to attack. Once received, we will start the production immediately to let you discover and enjoy Holyfat products.

A little more patience, we have never been so close to treat you.

And don't forget: fat is life!

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